We Believe

Declaration of Faith

Church Covenant

Church Constitution

We Gather

See what a typical Sunday  at Poolesville Baptist Church looks like?

We are Led

Poolesville Baptist is both congregational and elder led.

We Belong

While Poolesville Baptist is autonomously governed, we are in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our Priorities


Worship is the premier activity of our church.   It is that which all other ministries revolve around and from which all ministry is fueled.  It is here that all the saints gather to offer a sacrifice of praise through song. It is here that we offer prayers of confession, thanks, praise, and need. It is here that we gather to enhance unity and to hear the Word read and preached. Our passion is to see God glorified above all else. We meet to give glory to God and to encourage the hurting and ready them for battle.





There is a vital need for true fellowship in the church. We are created for relationships.  Our community of faith is one that loves us always, cries with us when we are in need, encourages us forward, and holds us accountable to good works.  While true friendships are not forced, we do allow many opportunities for relationships to develop—from recreational activities such as Ultimate Frisbee to evening dinners.  We encourage continued gathering following worship and it would not be unusual to find people still talking in the pews long after the service is done or to find a large group at McDonalds.  We enjoy each other and would love to invite you to join us for any or all of our activities.

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Our discipleship programs are very important to us and flow directly from our worship.  Because we give such preeminence to worship, we consider discipleship an act to better prepare us for worship.  The programs here are designed to help us know God and ourselves better and so to directly relate to our sanctification.  We have a good range of depth from classes prepared for beginning Christians or those new to the Church all the way to the seminary level.  Sometimes we separate by age in order to enjoy the similarities of being in the same place in life and other times we mix things up so that we might learn from those who have been where we are.


Community Outreach

We believe that an important part of our ministry is to be a part of the community. It is important to us to reach out with programs and ministries that are significant in meeting the needs of the community of Poolesville as a whole. Our goal in ministering to the community is to provide programs that meet practical and every day needs as well as spiritual needs. We hope you will continue to visit our web page as we add more activities and programs for the community to the ones listed below.  

                    Easter Egg Hunt

                    Easter Egg Hunt

      Face painting at Poolesville Day

      Face painting at Poolesville Day

   Sunday afternoon Ultimate Frisbee

   Sunday afternoon Ultimate Frisbee

                                   Epic Poolesville Interdenominational Water Balloon Fight and Ice Cream Social at the Commons

                                   Epic Poolesville Interdenominational Water Balloon Fight and Ice Cream Social at the Commons



At Poolesville Baptist Church, we do not consider it our job to build the church.  That honor and responsibility belongs to Christ and Him alone. This said, we do consider our second greatest activity to be that of evangelism.  We say that it is the second greatest activity because evangelism and missions flow out of worship.  Worship is the fuel and goal that drives us in missions, because it is the fuel and goal that drives God in missions.  We worship Him and from that we seek to gain worshipers for the King.  There are many opportunities to corporately reach the lost and the leadership is even now planning some upcoming trips.