New Adult Education Classes   starting in September. . .


A Kingdom Divided (with Carl Adema)

Anyone know who Zimri is? He was the king of Israel. Of course, it was only for seen days, so you probably don’t remember him.

How about Baasha? He was the first self-appointed king of Israel and he reigned for 24 years. You haven’t heard of him either, have you?

Any of you know the difference between Jehoram, Jehu, Jehoahaz, Jehoash, Joram, or Jeroboam? Hint: they are all the same person.

The truth is we don’t know much about the divided kingdom; and we probably should because it is kike half of Israel’s history. Now is your chance. Carl Adema will be doing 12 weeks on this mostly ignored period of history.




What is the Bible Really?  (with Jace Broadhurst)

Have you ever read the story of demons coming down and teaching women such evil things as wearing makeup?

How about a story of a baby destined to become King who is saved from evil by floating down a river?

Do you know about Daniel’s relationship with the super-hot Susanna?

Why are we missing these stories in our Bible?

And why did we end up with Song of Songs when so many wanted to keep that one out?

And why is Isaiah one complete text when it has multiple authors over a very long history? 

And how did we end up with our flood and ark story when there are so many others predating Genesis to choose from?

Have you ever even heard of a Targum, the Peshitta, or the Samaritan Pentateuch? 

How about the Gospel of Thomas or Q or the Testament of Abraham?

This class is about the complexity and beauty of the Bible. It seeks to ask “how does the Bible behave” and based on that, “how do we use it in our daily lives?”  This class isn’t for everybody. It won’t be a hard class, but it will introduce you to some things you haven’t thought about or even heard of before. If you like that kind of thing, Pastor Jace will be teaching it starting in September.



About our Church (with Bryan Butman)

So, you want to know some more about our church? Awesome, we can’t wait to tell you about it.  This is one of the requirements to becoming a member here, but you can be part of the class regardless of your future plans. It talks a lot about Worship, discipleship, evangelism and other big church things as well as how we run things, how we think about things, and how you can be a part.