Who do we want to be?

Although we have not yet attained our desired goals, we desperately want to become a church known for at least these things:


Cross: As Jesus is the center point of history’s story, we want him to be the center point of our story as well. We want to know how we fit into the larger macro-story which has the cross at its focus.


Community: We want to be THE place for families in Poolesville. We truly want to be a community church.


Reputation: We think that Jesus is seen most clearly in us and so we seek to follow him in regards to our love, morality, devotion, intention, justice and sacrifice for others.


Biblical: We believe that our authority is God and that he speaks powerfully through Scripture revealing himself and his path of life. For this reason we seek to submit to Scripture in everything we do.


Leading and Following: We want to create leaders who model and serve and we want to create followers who know how to submit and be humble.


Blessing: We want to be a blessing to this community and to the world. We exist not just for ourselves, but to bring joy to the nations.


Creativity: We want to attract artists, musicians and dreamers who can add their creativity and ideas to who we are.


Culture-engaging: We want to engage people where they are. Culture isn’t a bad word, but it does need to be seen in the light of what God has to say.


Variety: We want to be a church filled with very different kinds of people—we seek diversity in regard to theology, ethnicity, economics, politics, maturity, abilities and everything else. We are persuaded that God is seen to be most glorious when people with great differences unify around the sacrificial cause of being like Jesus in loving the world.


Peace: We want to contribute to making communities of peace wherever we go.


Present: The past and the future make us who we are in the present—but we must live in the present. We do not merely wait for an escape route from this present age, but rather we anticipate the completion of the kingdom. We do not merely strive now for future reward, we thrive now by advancing the kingdom all around us because that is reward. We do not look merely on a past sacrifice, but we also know that it is Jesus’ sacrifice which exemplifies and makes possible our daily sacrifice in the present.


Traditional and Emerging: We want to stand on the giants of the past and incorporate their insights into our lives, but we also seek to experiment and examine often so that we will not remain in unnecessary traditions but grow from them into something different and perhaps even better.


Doubt: We embrace doubters and consciously admit that we have doubts too. It’s because of doubt that we seek out answers and whether we always find the answers or not, it is often through doubt that greater faith can rise.