Jace grew up in nearby Rockville, MD. He has a bunch of degrees in Bible stuff and loves the academic world a lot. We like to emphasize his M.Div from Reformed Theological Seminary, his PhD from Westminster,  his publications, and his vast experience teaching in universities and seminaries here and overseas. Still, he insists he is just a regular guy who just really likes the Bible and loves Jesus.

Even more than the academy, he loves the church and especially this church. He has been our pastor since 2006 and he has a very obvious passion to see this community transformed so that it is most satisfied in Christ. He hopes that the gospel will grow in the hearts of his congregation and will flow over into Poolesville and beyond.

When he isn't doing scholarly or churchy stuff you will find him either in the gym, reading in a back room, having a cigar with friends, or binge watching the latest season of Walking Dead. Sometimes he even gets to be three boys playing games, trying to do parkour, watching old episodes of Psych and driving the teens from place to place. 

Jace's CV and publications can be found here.



Carl is thankful to God for calling him to be one of the elders at Poolesville Baptist Church.  As a shepherd of the flock of Jesus Christ, he enjoys teaching others what the Lord has taught him from the Bible and from personal experience.  He frequently teaches Bible study classes and leads a small group in his home.  He looks forward to the return of Jesus Christ on the clouds of heaven and it is his desire that people in Poolesville and throughout the world will join him in anticipating the Lord's return.  Carl was an elder at the South River Bible Church prior to joining Poolesville Baptist Church in 1998.  By the grace of God, at the age of 25, he learned that by trusting that Jesus Christ died in his place, God would declare him to be fit for a relationship with Him.  God proved He would do that by raising His Son, Jesus Christ, from the dead.  Since that time, Carl has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the Lord in addition to the confidence of spending eternity with God.  Carl and his wife Jackie have four grown children and six grandchildren.


Vern Souder - Lay Elder





Brian married his college sweetheart and soon moved to Poolesville.  Finding a small town in which to raise a family was a priority; finding Poolesville Baptist Church was a blessing.  He has served the church in many capacities – it has thrilled his heart to have a young adult say to him, “Hey, I remember you from Sunday School or Vacation Bible School.” 

Professionally, Brian is a Registered Architect and has worked in D.C. and Montgomery County while enjoying the agricultural richness of Poolesville.  The agrarian attributes of Poolesville have nurtured his love of fruit gardening.  Brian sees many parallels between fruit gardening and the Bible. Typically the first fruits of the season are the best fruit; the first fruits are to go to the Lord. 

God is everywhere and He is always in control.  Brian appreciates God’s handiwork in the garden where all one can do is plant the seed and watch the Lord make it grow; the Lord works in our community the same way.  Brian’s prayer is to see Poolesville move closer to God.  Come join us at Poolesville Baptist as we worship the King of Glory.  Let’s get to know the Lord as we grow in His Word and sow the seeds of His love.  Brian would love to meet you and share God’s love as we grow together in His Word.



Ted was born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania and currently serves as one of the Deacons at Poolesville Baptist Church. He has been actively teaching or leading youth and children's ministries since the previous millennium. Ted currently participates in the youth ministry at PBC, teaching and leading PBC's youth in both COG (youth group) and Sunday School.  His passion is to see the next generation become a shining light for the glory of Christ.  And, occasionally, the Elders even let him loose to teach the Adults. Ted has been employed way too long for the Navy, supporting America's naval forces, by ensuring the equipment supporting their mission is current and capable. He and his family moved to Maryland in 2010. Ted has been blessed to marry his college sweetheart, Gail, and pastors her and their three children, Jason, Sarah, and William.


Wiley “Pete” Horsley - DEACON

Pete formally gave his life to Christ at the age of 14 at a small Church of God on a hill by the town water tower in Villa Rica, Georgia. He was a sinner before that day and has been a forgiven sinner ever since. He began attending a Southern Baptist church in 1963 because he was dating the most gorgeous Georgia peach in the world and the only way to see her on Sunday nights was to go to church with her. He was re-baptized as a Baptist before they were married in 1965. Now married 50+ years, they have two absolutely beautiful daughters and two wonderful grandchildren. They reside in a Victorian cottage in Buckeystown, MD.

Pete‘s service at Poolesville Baptist Church continuously since 1978 has included essentially all of those years as a tither, Sunday School Teacher, Royal Ambassador leader, Deacon, Chairman of Deacons, member and chairman of the Trustees, Chairman of two Pastor Search Committees (both of which brought beloved and God-fearing Pastors / Leaders to our congregation), Elder and Elder Emeritus, general cheerleader, and yes, at times a Sunday Morning Pewsitter.


Carl Brill - DEACON

Carl, a native of Montgomery County, formally gave his life to Christ at the age of 10 at Calvary Baptist church in Washington DC.  He was baptized there and grew in his faith under the direction of wise and Godly leaders.  In the second half of his childhood this growth continued at Luther Rice Mem. Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Md.   Carl continued growing and serving, including ordination as a deacon, throughout his early adult years in down and east county Baptist churches. After a 4 year sojourn in Poolesville, establishing roots in Poolesville Baptist Church (PBC) and the community, he and his wife, Joy, (then a 15+ year resident of Poolesville) relocated to nearby Germantown, where they maintain their ties and involvement with PBC and the community. They enjoy the blessing of 5 grown children and 6 grandchildren. 

Carl’s roles at PBC, dating from 1996, includes faithful member, supporter, and leader both in front and behind the scenes.  He has sung in the choir, served in admin roles, taught bible study for adults and children and is presently serving as an active Deacon.


James "Buddy" Glazier - DEACON



Zech Zoerner - DEACON







Reneta A. Funk - Office Manager

Reneta has served PBC since 2009 as our office manager and has attended PBC since 1997.  She loves to use her gifts and talents to serve the Lord and help others.