Jace Broadhurst - Senior Pastor

Jace grew up in nearby Rockville, MD. He has a bunch of degrees in Bible stuff and loves the academic world a lot. We like to emphasize his M.Div from Reformed Theological Seminary, his PhD from Westminster,  his publications, and his vast experience teaching in universities and seminaries here and overseas. Still, he insists he is just a regular guy who just really likes the Bible and loves Jesus.

Even more than the academy, he loves the church and especially this church. He has been our pastor since 2006 and he has a very obvious passion to see this community transformed so that it is most satisfied in Christ. He hopes that the gospel will grow in the hearts of his congregation and will flow over into Poolesville and beyond.

When he isn't doing scholarly or churchy stuff you will find him either in the gym, reading in a back room, having a cigar with friends, or binge watching the latest season of Walking Dead. Sometimes he even gets to be three boys playing games, trying to do parkour, watching old episodes of Psych and driving the teens from place to place. 

Jace's CV and publications can be found here.


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Reneta A. Funk - Office Manager

Reneta has served PBC since 2009 as our office manager and has attended PBC since 1997.  She loves to use her gifts and talents to serve the Lord and help others.