What is Mission3.10?


Mission3.10 is nothing less than a re-launch of Poolesville Baptist Church. It might sound huge, but it isn’t mind-blowing or profound. It’s just good old-fashioned Christianity. It’s making our premiere activity that of love. We want to be unified for the sake of relationships.

Instead of insisting we are right about everything, we are trying to be humble and learn from others in friendly conversation.

Instead of promoting all the things we stand against, we want people to know us as people who care about them, no matter who they are and what they do.

Instead of church being something we come to once or twice a week, we want church to be something we are, every day in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes.

It’s a move into incarnating Jesus in everything we do.

 It comes from Ephesians 3:10-11

"His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord."

 We think this means that the body of believers (the church) is part of the mission of God on earth. The mission is that through our unity and through our relationships, our actions, our words, we will show the heavenly authorities that God is wise. We are to show, through our interaction with one another and the world, that God was wise in bringing a group like us together. We know we are a mess. We know that many of us wouldn’t naturally be drawn to each other. Some of us wouldn’t like each other at all. And yet, God is wise in putting us together and showing us how to love one another and everyone else.

What is the challenge?


 It seems challenging enough just to have to love the people that gather here for worship, but there is more. We are asking every person in this church to determine where they are in their Christian walk and to take one step forward. We use this ladder to help people think this through. For instance, if you aren’t on the ladder at all, maybe this is the time for you to take one baby step up, a preliminary step into the church life. If you are already involved in some way, this is a call to move to the next rung.

Specifically there are five things we are asking every person in this church to do:



Come together for corporate worship, for discipleship and for fellowship. It means, quite simply that we are in a relationship with God and with each other. In our movement towards an outward focus, we do not want to neglect the family of Jesus. We need each other and we need the empowerment of the spirit in gathering.


Call people into their life. This isn’t a challenge to invite people to church. It’s a challenge to invite them into your life. To love someone or a few someones in a special way. It means that they will know you and your family, and the inside of your home and what you find important. It’s called making a friend with someone you might not normally reach out to.


Contribute to the finances of the church.  Yes, this means we are asking our congregation to give more than they have given before. That’s because we have some plans in the near future that are going to require some extra funding and they are budgeted. So, if you are an intentional giver, maybe it’s time to become an extravagant one.


Commit to a ministry. We firmly believe that everyone at PBC should be involved in a ministry here. And most people already are. But this challenge is bigger. It’s asking you to start dreaming big in regard to a ministry to your community. We desperately want to have an impact here and to show people around us that we truly love them.


Confirm the beauty of the church. This means that we talk up the body of Christ. We are always trying to think of ways to say good things about the people in this church. We want the people here to Facebook and tweet great things their church is doing. We don’t want to allow people to think our church isn’t an important thing to us and to Jesus. In making the church beautiful, we make Jesus beautiful.

MakING this more tangible


Right now, just about everyone in this congregation is praying about how God will use them. Of course we have always done ministry in the community, but we wanted more. Some even started a book club going through the book Holy Available. They were open to the move of the Spirit and have already begun to show Gods love in very new and tangible ways.

we've done a few very large events:

Gifts: We hit nearly 200 homes with gifts—just showing them we loved them.

All Hallows Eve: We threw out the old ministry ideas and took our fall fun festival right into the town-home neighborhood.

Special Needs Ministry: PBC wanted to begin to show the special needs community that we love them and held their first (hopefully of many) special needs worship services..

WUMCO: In April, we teamed up with this helping organization, housing them in our building so that we might better reach the poor in our community.

Stop Hunger Now: we became the engine pulling the community train to feed 10,000 people.  We would love for you to join us!  

Donut give-away: it may be a little corny, but we blanketed all the public areas in town and just gave folks donuts.  Just a friendly way of saying we like them.

Art and Creativity: we have opened the walls of our Family Life Center to the creative in the community to display their work

And there is still more we would like to accomplish

Absolutely Free Car Wash: Where we wont accept any money because Jesus’ gift was absolutely free

Police appreciation breakfast: we plan to appreciate those who serve and protect with the very tangible gift of a nice morning meal.h

Teacher lunch: on a professional day when teachers are at school and students are not, we want to serve the teachers a nice lunch in our FLC.

Hospice Care: We are thinking big. A purchase of land and a home and a showing the aging community that we love them. It's in seed form and may take some time but we are excited

Police appreciation breakfast: we plan to appreciate those who serve and protect with the very tangible gift of a nice morning meal.

✔ Donuts to the businesses: one morning in the near future, we just go around to the stores and give away donuts. Want to love our business people

A few other thoughts floating around include Grief groups, drug addiction group, millennial outreach, block parties, community picnics, gaming days, ice cream socials, gutter and window cleaning and more. All of this is done for free because Jesus served and gave himself. Because grace is free, we want to give accordingly. 

These are just a few ideas that are larger than life for us. Of course, we are already involved in many ministries and each of them will likely continue. But what we don’t want is to be stuck in the way we love people. We always want to come up with new ways to show that God was wise when he brought together this church. We hope that you will want to be a part of this mission.