adventures in Art Camp

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We are excited to have you join us for Adventures in Arts Camp 2019! This year, camp will be held July 15th-19th from 9AM until Noon and welcomes children that will be entering grades 2 through 8 in the fall.  We have a selection of art classes that is sure to please anyone. We have brought back some of our classes from years past such as Candlemaking, Art in Science, and Sewing.  We have also added a few new classes this year including Guitar, Embroidery, and Animal Husbandry that we hope you will enjoy!

Before and in between the art classes the campers will come together to experience GAP time.  GAP stands for Growing, Applying, Purposing.  This time is comprised of singing, moving, question and answer, charity, and fun.  What we hear and learn grows in our minds, we then learn how what we hear can be applied to our every day lives, and we purpose to use it for good or our community!  This summer we are “becoming heroes”. We will dive into what a real hero is, how are heroes around us every day, why are heroes necessary, and how can we be a hero to someone else.  We will explore the story of Moses in the book of Exodus and discover why God called Moses to be a hero for an oppressed nation, and how the story of Moses points us to an even greater hero, Jesus Christ who loved the world so much he sacrificed his own life to save ours.  Join us in becoming heroes!

We start camp every day with GAP time, then we move on to the first art session of the day. Afterwards, we have a snack, followed by a second GAP time.  Then it's onto our second art session of the day, then back to the gym for dismissal.

Classes have limits on the numbers of campers allowed and they are filled in a first come first serve basis. Please also note that your registration is not complete until your payment of $20 per child ($50 cap for families with 3 or more campers) has been turned in to Poolesville Baptist Church, in the main office. The address of the church is 17550 West Willard Rd, right across the street from Poolesville HS.

If you have any questions, please contact us by either emailing PBC at or submit your question on the Poolesville Baptist Church Summer Camps Facebook page.