Prayer Opportunities

When a poor man was breaking granite by the roadside, he was down on his knees while he gave his blows. A minister passing by said, "Your work is just like mine. You have to break stones, and so do I.""Yes," said the man, "and if you manage to break stony hearts, you will have to do it as I do, down on your knees."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    C. H. Spurgeon

Spurgeon was right. The gospel hammer soon splits flinty hearts when a man knows how to pray.

At Poolesville Baptist Church take this very seriously. We pray hard for revival in Poolesville and in our pews. We pray for reformation. And we pray for the specific needs of our family. We try to pray through our prayer request list and our church picture directory. We believe sincerely that our church needs to be on their knees. Vance Havner says "the church will not get on its feet until it first gets on its knees."  There is an old "Age of Faith" song which says "God has an army and we're fighting on our knees." We believe prayer is for calling in air support for our battle and not for decorating our beautiful home.  This is one of the primary things we want to be known for--Fighting the war on our knees. We would love to pray with you and for you;  join us.


Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, in the conference room.


Caring and Praying are our main priorities. We spend the first several minutes sharing requests and testimonies about the greatness of God. Then we spend the rest of the hour praying together. We would love to have you come and join us in this intimate time.

New! Prayer Pockets


 Four opportunities for 10 minutes of intentional fervent prayer on important topics:

•    Sun—10:10 am in the gym for worship and revival
•    Mon—7:30 am under the portico for students and teachers
•    Tue (1st of each month)—6:45 pm in the conference room for leadership
•    Sat—12 noon in the conference room for small group and fellowship