On behalf of the congregation of 
Poolesville Baptist Church, I welcome 
you to our site. We are delighted to share 
with you some information about us and 
hope that you find it helpful. This church 
exists for the glory of God. We believe 
that we are made expressly to be in a 
relationship with Him and to recognize 
Jesus of Nazareth as our Lord and Savior. 
We strive to bring God glory through 
song, prayer, confession, and the read, 
preached and ingested word.  From our 
worship flows our desire for instruction, 
evangelism, community outreach and 

Although we are a church in great need 
of continuing sanctification, we seek to 
give a clear call to Christians to engage 
in battle.  We are here to build 
worshippers, to strengthen the warriors, 
to encourage the wounded, and to lead 
by example and word our community 
and world to Christ.  We would love to 
talk to you and be of help to you. For that 
matter, we would love for you to be of help 
to us as we serve God with a Christ-
centered focus. Whether it is Poolesville Baptist or some place else, pray that God would show you where to commit yourself to His people in His service. 

Calendar of events
Our Pastor
Each of our expository sermons is available on streaming audio or podcast!  To listen to last week's sermon, or to search 
through the historical 
files by topic or date, click 
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Current series:
A new prophet,
for a new exile

June 29-July2   
Soccer Camp

July 13-17
Vacation Bible School

August 4-8
Music & Arts Camp

Dr. Jace Broadhurst 

BA, University of Maryland
M.Div, Reformed Theological Seminary PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Being with his church family
  • Riding bikes and playing games with his wife and three young boys
  • Teaching as adjunct professor of various universities in the states and overseas
Hopes and Dreams
That the gospel 
will grow in the 
hearts of his 
congregation and 
will flow over 
into Poolesville 
and Beyond.

About Us
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Weekly Schedule
Wednesday, Prayer meeting, 7 pm
Sunday, Prayer time, 8:45-9:00 am
Sunday, Bible time, 9:15-10:15 am
Sunday, Worship, 10:30 am
Sunday Youth Group – 4:00 pm
Sunday evening small groups, 6:00 pm
Coming Up
17550 West Willard Road Poolesville, MD 20837 
(301) 349-4090