We believe that giving is an act of worship. So often people limit giving to financial gifts. While that is important in the Kingdom of God and for the church, it is not the only way that we seek to give. We recognize that we give, because God gave to us. He gave us life – abundant and eternal. As believers, we believe God gave His Spirit as a means of indwelling each believer. The Spirit’s presence in our lives results in spiritual gifts that each of us have been given. These gifts from God are ideally to be used for His glory in the life of the church and the expansion of His Kingdom. We believe that these gifts include teaching, encouragement, mercy, hospitality, faith, discernment, wisdom, and more.

If you would like to explore your spiritual gifting more or would like to discuss opportunities for using your spiritual gifts in the church, please contact Pastor Joel.

Of course, financial gifts are important as well.  Your gifts allow the church to fulfill the mission and ministry endeavors that God has called us to. While many people give each week in the “my gift” box in the worship service, we recognize that the world is changing and many prefer to give online.  An online giving link is below. If you are a regular attender of Poolesville Baptist Church, we are grateful for your ongoing generosity. If you are visiting, we are grateful for your gifts as well, but hope that what you may give here does not take away from your home church.


You can securely give online here:

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