Intentional Supporting

While everyone is called to go, we understand that certain people have been called to go abroad.  Annually, we set aside a portion of our budget in order to support work that is happening overseas by…

  • supporting independent missionaries individually – prayerfully and financially
  • supporting IMB missionaries through the Cooperative Program

Intentional Going

In the past, we have participated in short term mission trips to Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, the Philippines.  Our hope is to send a team overseas each year – ideally in cooperation with missionaries and ministries that we are supporting.  We are currently investigating some opportunities in Kenya, Botswana, the Middle East and India.  If you have an interest in participating in one of these trips, please contact Pastor Joel.

Intentional Sending

We believe that as we make disciples who are making disciples, some of those will feel called to leave Poolesville in order to minister in other parts of the world.  We look forward to intentionally sending missionaries and church planters and being an active and consistent support – through prayer, financial resources, and more.


We exist to show who Jesus really is and to help everyone find their hope and delight in him.

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