Book Review: For the Love of God (Volumes 1 and 2)

Author: Don Carson

Review by: Joel Gilbert

How do you decide what to read in your devotional time with the Lord?  Do you do Scripture only?  Do you do devotionals only?  Do you use an app like “YouVersion” to provide some encouraging insights?

As I think about devotional reading, I often find myself in a personal quandary – I want to go to the Source (the Bible) and let that drive my spiritual growth – and yet I also want to gain insights from the wisdom of others. I’ve often found that devotional books and emails tend to lean toward emotionalism and “feel good” thoughts, lacking spiritual or biblical depth – that is until I ran across this two volume set from Don Carson.

In For the Love of God, Dr. Don Carson walks through a well known bible reading program (M’Cheyne) that entails 4 different Biblical readings for each day.  Carson then reflects on one of those readings in the daily devotional, providing some historical insights as well as some thoughts for reflection and application.  I have found Carson’s reflections to be biblically centered and theologically rich.  His comments seem to be designed to challenge your mind and enrich your soul with profound truths from Scripture.  Carson’s reflections are not “low hanging fruit.”  At times it will feel a bit more academic and intellectual – rather than emotional.  

If you are still looking for something to enhance your devotional readings for 2022, then consider picking up one of these volumes – I think you’ll find it richly rewarding as you read through all of Scripture this year.


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