Book Review: Gender Ideology: What do Christians need to know?

Author: Sharon James

Reviewed by: Carl Adema

Sometimes the world seems like a confusing place.  Terminology changes, definitions change and sometimes it is hard to know what is being said.  Sharon James, in her little book on Gender Ideology, takes you into this world of shifting sand and not only provides a roadmap of sex and gender in our modern culture, but explains it in the light of God’s Holy Word.  

As believers, we know that all human beings are made in God’s image.  So, we are called to show compassion to those who are struggling with the way that God has made them. At the same time, we must clearly proclaim the truths of God’s Word concerning sex and gender. God has made us binary.

This short book does both.  The author describes gender theory and explains how it is being promoted in our society, particularly to our children through our schools.  It is an agenda which seeks to completely remove God from our lives and our society.  But the agenda forces us to tell the lie that God did not create male and female despite the obvious evidence of our DNA.  The Genderbread Person is used to illustrate different aspects of each gender.  

Unfortunately, this maze of terms is not helpful to the person who is struggling with their own sexuality.  And so, Sharon James’ book helps to bring understanding to the struggles that people face with their sexual identity; and the response that our identity is found in God, who has made us male and female.  As with other aspects of our sinful nature, our response must be compassionate and sensitive showing our Savior’s love to those who need his redemption. 

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